Solitaire Services

Rs. 1,100,000
Membership Charges 1100000 INR
( +18% GST)

  • This is the most looked after and confidential service of all and will be a perfect way to find your soulmate.
  • We genuinely care about all of our clients and work hard to help you accomplish your relationship goals.
  • Personal visit is done by Mrs. Nitika Anand (Director ) and her team of experts at your place for a thorough assessment of your lifestyle and business details to ensure a perfect life partner.
  • All the information is kept confidential until you find your compatible match.
  • To enroll as a member, your details are obtained in a pre-set format, including your personal information as well as the criterion on which you would base your requirements of a prospective life partner.
  • The details obtained are then registered into our system and carefully matched with other propositions along with all the information.
  • Our team of experts matches all the compatible proposals and only the matched propositions are presented to you.
  • Final matchmaking is done by Mrs. Nitika Anand Director) for optimum & fast results.
  • In this package, horoscopes are also matched by a team of renowned astrologers.
  • Our customer service representative will discuss your profile with the approved profiles and take feedback from them along with individual counselling.
  • Coordination between families is done by meeting experts globally.
  • Detective investigation is done on selective profiles without disclosing your identity.
  • Multi-channel search will be done without directly disclosing your name for finding.
  • Matches from outside sources as well. This feature truly makes this package the most promising one.
  • Wedding Tales private extended search by Mrs. Nitika Anand and her Senior Advisors will reach out to their previous clients and personal contacts to cast the broadest net possible to archive your end goal. They will utilise their national and international network for clients open to an international introduction.

The same Amount will be charged once the Alliance is fixed Through WTM