Gold Services

Rs. 200,000

2Lac (+18% GST)

  • This is the most looked after and confidential service of all and will be a perfect way to find your soulmate. 
  • We genuinely care about all of our clients and work hard to help you accomplish your relationship goals.
  • To enroll as a member, your details are obtained in a pre-set format, including your personal information as well as the criterion on which you would base your requirements of a prospective life partner.
  • The details obtained are then registered into the system and carefully matched with other propositions along with all the information.
  • Our team of experts matches all the compatible proposals and only the matched propositions are presented to you. 
  • Our customer service representative will discuss the profile and send the bio-data to you for your approval before they discuss it further with the opposite side.
  • Coordination and feedback between families will be done by our team of experts. 

*Same amount will be charged once the alliance is fixed through us.